Monday, 5 September 2016

The #sixtymilliontrebles blogger

This is the number of trebles to date - a fantastic milestone, and with over 1,350 hookers and clickers from all over the world beavering away this number will now start to grow exponentially.
A very big THANK YOU  and congratulations to all concerned.

Just some of the world flags that will make up the centerpiece
of our record beating blanket 

 The love and care that is going into the the making
of the individual blankets is astounding, as shown here

Thought For The Day

The British government has undertaken to take in  20,000 refugees by 2020.
There are 60 cities in the UK.
This equates to approximately 85 refugees per city per year

There are about 2000 towns in the UK.
This equates to 10 refugees per town in the next four years

Are we really doing enough!

The House Husband

Having been away in Devon for a few days, and having done my chores  - as demanded by "She who must be obeyed" - we came home to a clean house. I grudgingly admit this was rather nice!

Had loads of time to concentrate on other lovely things, such as mowing the lawns, doing the dirty washing and trying to get the ironing up to date. 

I tried to delegate the ironing to "Her Indoors" but two shirts in she complained that the ironing board had broken. Some people will do anything to get out of proper work.

I collected the dog from a neighbor who had kindly offered to provide him with free board and lodging while we were away. 
The home stay did not appear to be too successful, and he tells me he won't have our sweet little boy ever again. I really don't understand this as you could not wish to find a sweeter more loving dog anywhere. There is nothing he likes more than a cuddle on your lap and loads of love.

If we go away again we will be looking for someone to look after our little treasure for us, and so any offers of help would be really appreciated.

Our boy loves to lie on his bed gnawing on  a bone - preferably still attached to someones leg!!


  1. We'll take the pooch next time, my 4 year old is just about that fierce :-)

  2. Love the flags. Your dog can come and stay with our six, I can't promise that they won't teach him some bad manners though!

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