Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Good morning,  this is a message from Claire

"We need your help for a publication in a crochet magazine (how exciting!!) ...
Please can you take pictures of your finished squares. The photos must be high resolution and very good quality. To achieve this you can use a white sheet or paper as a background. Maybe add a prop, such as a ball of wool and a hook; a cup of tea and a slice of cake, a single flower, etc. Sunny days, generally, don't create the best of pictures, so wait for the right lighting. Please make sure you include your message tag in the picture. Do not zoom in as this will distort the image.
I need a big selection of pictures so get hooking (or clacking those needles) and get clicking!! Please!
Thanks everyone... you are doing great!! We are all really proud of every single one of you!"

So if you are hooking or clicking get your photos in please.

Secondly we have some great blankets underway here are a few of them.
By Debbie Cooke

By Andrea May

knitted squares

take care 

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