Thursday, 11 August 2016

The #sixtymilliontreblesblogger

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has got involved with our project so far.

What an absolutely fabulous response.

As I write we have 840 people worldwide crocheting and knitting to produce our world record winning blanket.To celebrate this worldwide camaraderie, we have decided to make the centrepiece of the blanket resemble the artists impression above - this will hopefully  contain 196 flags - one for every country in the world. (Although heaven help the poor souls who volunteer for the more tricky flags to crochet - such as the United Nations flag and the Welsh flag!)

We have people from 26 different countries as far afield as Australia, Mexico, Pakistan, USA, Hong Kong, Argentina, Canada, South Africa, India, United Arab Emirates, Sweden and many more European countries.  People are joining up at the rate of 50 + every day (100 in the last 24 hours!)

We would love to have  a  blanket made by a national of every country in the world to represent the worldwide concern for these 60,000,000 refugees  so  if you know of anyone from a foreign country living anywhere in the world - then please rope them in !!

We have an  lady who is at home crocheting her blanket who said Quote " I am mindful that every stitch is a life" Yesterday a lady from Mumbai messaged "What can I do to help" The compassion and love felt by you all for these refugees is almost tangible.

Join us on


The House Husband

I need help from you loyal blog followers. I cooked dinner again last night, and She who must be obeyed, AKA the fussiest eater in the whole wide world was, to say the least, not impressed.
My hard earned brownie points (and consequently my prize for 5points awarded) are now at risk. Two points are to be deducted for lack of effort.

Let me tell you the story of my day:-

Got up at 6.30am.
Made Tea
Made the bed
Walked the dog
Came home & made breakfast
Washed up breakfast dishes
Went to Tesco
Made morning coffee
Washed up again
Cleaned the bathroom
Mowed the back lawn
Made Lunch
Washed up lunch dishes
Mowed the front lawns
Cut down neighbours overhanging privet hedge
Cleared away cuttings
Walked the dog again
Planned out, prepared and cooked dinner

In my view, my meal was :-

Well balanced,
Nutritious, with carbohydrates, protein, fibre and Omega3
Original - we have never had this for dinner before
Well presented
Well cooked

In Ellen's view my meal was

What do you think ? If I get more comments in my favour than in Ellen's I keep my Brownie points


  1. 😂 this is the only thing that has made me laugh out loud today Neil. A very eloquent argument you make there about your 'nutritious' meal. You married a woman of taste and high expectations I'm afraid this doesn't measure up. If as you say you did all the other jobs then you can't be accused of lazy just short on time perhaps you should have taken less time with the lawns 😉

  2. Oh poor Neil, I feel she is being much too harsh. You remind me of seamus a staffie (ask Ellen) much love from the Isle of Wight 😘😂

  3. I've read Ellen isn't well. Chicken broth perhaps?

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  5. Can say this has certainly cheered me up no end , I vote for you , I love fish fingers , chips and beans. Guess what my hubby is being sent to the shops for today?

  6. 10/10 for everything you have my you have been a busy boy! Given that you have completed so many chores I think you can be forgiven for a simple meal........Keep us Smiling xx

  7. Looks yummy :)

  8. our favourite meal is fish finger sandwhiches in un cut fresh bread with lettuce and ketchup! Yummy for your dinner, I would be happy with that :-)

  9. our favourite meal is fish finger sandwhiches in un cut fresh bread with lettuce and ketchup! Yummy for your dinner, I would be happy with that :-)

  10. That's a mighty long list there Neil. 10/10 for effort. I guess a lazy meal every once in a while can be forgiven Xx