Saturday, 13 August 2016

The #sixtymilliontreblesblogger

What an absolutely fantastic week it has been for #sixtymilliontrebles. At the last count we had approximately 940 people  helping ( and that's just on facebook) with many more in our "hidden army" that don't show in our numbers.
We also have approximately 26 countries involved with the latest addition this morning of Sri Lanka
I say approximately, as Ellen's ipad has been pinging non-stop today and is virtually welded to her hands!

Some of the ongoing projects are shown on the left -  the photo on the top left is from a young man in India who is a member of the Indian youth congress

 This marvelous project has a heart lovingly stitched in the centre

Not only a beautiful balnket - but beautifully framed and photographed

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The House Husband

Many thanks to all of you who supported my fish finger chips and beans blog. You saved the day and no Brownie points have been deducted to date - however I fear it's just a matter of time!

The week-end is upon us, it's been a really busy week, and so I felt we were both due for a Friday night treat. What could be better than a night in with a nice bottle of wine and a DVD. (Actually two bottles of wine as I prefer red and Ellen likes white.)

I popped into the local wine merchants and found a lovely bottle of 1984 Grand Cru Margaux - not cheap you are thinking, but as with everything else, you get what you pay for. Now I know Ellen loves nostalgia, and I also know my wallet had just taken a bit of a battering, so I found the perfect wine-  a fantastic bottle of Blue Nun Liebfraumilch.

Oh the ingratitude  - you try to do something nice .........

It appears that we are not talking at the moment - and Brownie points once again hang in the balance.


  1. Ahhh, Blue Nun, I remember it well !! Probably best not to go there !!

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