Monday, 8 August 2016

The #sixtymilliontreblesblogger

Every year millions of us of leave our homes to travel, most of us have a choice of how we will travel and what we will do when we arrive at our destination.

Every day thousands of people leave their homes for enforced travel, they have no choice of how they will travel.

Thousands will never arrive.


If you can crochet or knit and would like to help our project for the sixty million refugees worldwide, then see my blog of 6th. August. 

The House Husband

Cooked for the first time in ages last night - sticky pork with egg fried rice. I cheated with the egg fried rice (Tesco finest)
The result is below - I think it looks pretty good, Ellen  said "very nice dear" and ate just half of it!

Anyway I earned two Brownie points for my last blog, and two more for cooking what was obviously a fairly inedible meal! "She who must be obeyed" tells me I get a nice surprise when I earn 5 Brownie points - can't wait!

Had a bash at ironing yesterday - not too bad - but can someone please tell me how to fold the fitted bottom sheet !!


  1. Hehe! Love your humour Neil and she is a hard task master but gets results 😉
    It's very true we have a choice when to pack our nice new suitcases these poor people sometimes don't have time to pack anything in fact they don't have anything apart from what's on their back , very sad that so many have so little and No where to go!

  2. Neil loving the blog. I can imagine your treat for getting enough brownie points..... Another job to do!!

  3. Hello Neil, I'm wondering what the treat is!! Am guessing crochet lessons ..... Or maybe cooking lessons? (Re the sheet.... Iron the corners flat and all turned in... and use the ironing board to help you fold!!)

  4. Haha I was going to say the same as Claire above, crochet lessons! Or maybe you'll have the treat of sewing up the squares that have already been done! The anticipation of guessing will get me through work this morning! Can't wait to find out x

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  6. Hi Neil, can you pop a 'follow blog' button on here so that people can sign up to follow your posts. xx
    I can help with sheets but its easier to show you than to write it lol x

  7. I'm in - can you add a follow button to your blog? You're doing a great job

    1. Will look into - although I am not a technophobe!

  8. Well done , I love your food too!!! I would have eaten it all xx